Hongkong server hosting for the future development of the global e-commerce industry to provide an important guarantee for network interoperability

Speaking of e-commerce industry, in recent years, the rapid development, but also with Taobao, lynx, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, sea scouring and other online shopping, and people on the Internet, e-commerce industry also has a greater leap, the need for stronger network quality system to operate management, to prevent some of the national network does not exchange, but also to build a more powerful e-commerce system, which can not help Hongkong server hosting.
The following is the enterprise in the use of the Hongkong server hosting, the business will be carried out, as well as common mode of operation:
Of course, the first is currently very popular, but also the mainstream of a operation, is the mobile phone connection, such a way, for now, the community is very convenient, but also to promote a number of functions to manage the shortcut keys, for busy big boss, are very direct and effective way of operation.
Will host the Hongkong server hosted by the Hongkong operation, the virtual host operating mode, and then different mobile phone software design, so the product information on the mobile phone, the main content of your host and the Internet to link up, reduce the cost of information exchange, and the practice of information delivery, will be reduced. Or by way of outsourcing, it can also reduce the economic costs of the enterprise just started.
Second, for many companies, the first will have economic pressure, you can choose the Hongkong server hosting this is also a way to reduce the cost of some broadband payment, but also to reduce the pressure on business creation, these are the biggest support for the future development of enterprises, will focus on product promotion, which is the primary task not to affect the promotion efficiency.
For e-commerce, the competition is so strong in the market, the Hongkong server hosting can handle the relationship between host and other virtual hosts, control the use of these information resources of the Internet, but also to improve the construction of the server in Hongkong, the end is WEB, and the use of electronic commerce, as well as the help of network operations. Enjoy the most secure network environment.
And the work of the server is hosted by the Hongkong day, which ensures the security of the operation on the full day of technical monitoring, and Hongkong server design technology support, to ensure that the system’s comprehensive, reduce the vulnerability of the website construction. In today’s hackers, many industries, because of the competitiveness, there are a number of means, at this time, if you do not strengthen the construction management of Hongkong server, it will cause a direct threat to the enterprise.
Finally, to remind you of the core staff, we must regularly check the update of the server in Hongkong, to ensure that every day the amount of information is complete and comprehensive, to prevent the electronic commerce platform has the customer information, or the error of the commodity information.

Talk about the cloud server and virtualization technology in Hong Kong

With the continuous development of Hong Kong’s cloud servers, this Hong Kong server consolidation trend has been gradually replacing the original Hong Kong servers. Traditional Hong Kong server is running, if the amount of data increases, the calculation is too large, it is necessary to add expensive new host Hong Kong to increase the amount of calculation. This massive Hong Kong server host mode so that resources are greatly wasted.

Hong Kong is a similar cloud server VPS host virtualization technology. Hong Kong VPS is using virtualization software, VZ or VM host on a similar portion of a plurality of independent virtual hosts, each of which can be done independently of the operating system, management method with the same host. Hong Kong cloud server cluster is a group of hosts on a plurality of similar independent virtual hosts section, the cluster has a mirrored Hong Kong cloud servers on each host, thus greatly improving the security and stability of Hong Kong’s virtual host.

Hong Kong virtualization technology to the traditional Hong Kong server model provides a new solution without increasing the host server provider in Hong Kong, only a one-time purchase of a high performance host based on the host server to configure multiple Hong Kong. This has the advantage of reducing the physical equipment in Hong Kong servers while still in Hong Kong to manage the server brought great convenience.

With Hong Kong’s cloud servers this server model, but also to the next level on the basis of Hong Kong on virtual technology. Hong Kong by a unified cloud services can cloud service providers to complete, only need to access the Internet, you can enter into the system and on any device.

Register domain name tips | Register Domain Process | Registration price domain

(1) Select a unique domain name

Website content should be closely associated with the domain name, when people think of a Web site, usually the first thought of the domain name. Domain name itself should be easy to enter, rather than strict requirements and use difficult to remember the spelling of words like. And easy-to-remember domain name is best, because a good reputation in favor of the domain name easy memory. Short domain names to better adapt to business cards and other offline media. Example: 360.com, qq.com, 163.com, alibaba.com, Google.com, Gainaer.com

(2) Select com or cn domain name

com domain name has been firmly established, but now com domain resources are scarce, a good domain names are in the hands of investors, so I want a good name, it takes the high capital. Then, how should we do? Cn domain name can be registered, cn domain name as a Chinese top-level domain, in May 2012 was open to individual registration, there are many high-quality resources we need to dig. Example: 360.cn, west.cn, Gainaer.cn, Diyitoutiao.cn etc.

And cn domain name is Chinese Internet companies own identity, it reflects a cultural identity. cn domain name registration process is very simple, just fill in the registration application online via the Internet, you can timely entry into force; another advantage is that its analytical services in the country, can be more reliably protect corporate information security.

(3) cut Keywords

In order to allow the site to users, some of the search engine-friendly, may be an appropriate product or keyword into the domain name need them. Because when the name appeared with the user search for some relevant keywords, search engine is deliberately bold will be displayed. This can not only enhance the visibility of the domain name in the search engine results, but also easier to get search engine is deliberately trust, and finally more conducive to upgrade keyword ranking. Example: Diyitoutiao.com, Gainaer.com

2015 IDC data center in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Top Ten regular room Centre

PCCW is Hong Kong’s largest and most comprehensive communications service providers, but also one of the world’s leading information and communications technology companies. As Hong Kong’s first “quadruple play” of operators, through fixed-line, broadband Internet, television and mobile communications four platforms PCCW PCCW offers a variety of innovative media content and services. Its business not only in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia, but also cover Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and China.

2. NWT
Hong Kong New World Telecom room Penta worldwide network to 2G connection HKIX message switching center in Hong Kong, 6G connection PCCW, Hutchison, Wharf, etc. Local switching center and metro core nodes to 1.5G and the United States, China, Japan , Korea, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Europe and other countries and regions connected.

Hong Kong Television Network Limited (formerly known as City Telecom (HK) Limited) is the telecommunications operating companies listed in Hong Kong and the United States, the city telecommunications company founded in 1992, is a rapidly growing Hong Kong Telecom Group, for residential and commercial market and international fixed-line telecommunications services. A wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited, a major provider of fixed-line operators, the largest network end to end. Through self-built IP network, providing the world’s most high-speed 1Gbps, 200Mbps, 100Mbps, 50Mbps, 25Mbps and 10Mbps broadband Internet, telephone, IP-TV and corporate data services.

4. HGC
Hutchison Telecom machine was founded in 1995, is Hong Kong’s largest Internet access provider, HGC has the best network lines in Hong Kong. Hutchison Telecom dominated in Hong Kong, and mainland China between operators over bandwidth up to 20G. HGC line telecommunications room are more than 10Gbit / s bandwidth connection HKIX Hong Kong Internet data exchange center, international bandwidth has over a 3Gbit / s or more, international Broadband connections include: China Telecom, China Netcom, PCCW, Hong Kong and so on.

5. NTT & HKNet
Hong Kong NTT room HKNet room, its parent company NTT (abbreviated as NTT), NTT, Japan’s largest telecommunications service provider – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. NTT Group is a major international communications carriers, has a high influence in the Asia-Pacific region network structure, its data center in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong NTT data center HKNet data center, with the country’s international bandwidth over 20G connected to the world. , it is one of today’s most fast feeder services and reliable.

6.Wharf T & T
Wharf T & T Hong Kong as a member of Wharf Group, with the choice of an all-fiber network, a local Hong Kong’s second-largest fixed-line operator business, is also the first in Hong Kong to provide comprehensive IT and communications technology service provider, focused on business customers; Wharf T & T room in Tsuen Wan, sufficient international bandwidth, providing high-quality servers for business customers, with high-speed links Hong Kong 6G bandwidth data exchange center, throwing a number of submarine cable connection to the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore , and other regions.

Pacnet world-renowned network operators, in 2008 by the Human Pacnet and SingTel in China jointly set up a joint venture Pacific Telecommunications; providing include private network interconnection, Internet access and data centers and other integrated communications services; Pacnet advanced EAC-C2C submarine cable networks, through Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore, up to 36,800 kilometers. EAC-C2C design capacity of 17.92Tbps to 30.72Tbps country and from every landing, and continue to upgrade. EAC-C2C is Pacnet independently owned franchise network, unlike the total by the number of companies, and often produce conflicts of interest in the club system cable system. Have self-control network, we are able to ensure the industry’s most competitive Service Level Agreements (SLA), providing customers with the best performance.

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) is Singapore’s largest telecommunications company, SingTel strongly increase the market outside Singapore, and has a stake in local operator, including 100% of the shares of Australia optus telecommunications company, SingTel Hong Kong data center, plenty of international bandwidth and high-speed connectivity to South Asia and around the world.

China Telecom has in Hong Kong, Chai Wan, Sha Tin and the two data centers, equipped with a global multilateral security monitoring capabilities, with good disaster recovery capabilities. Hong Kong Data Centre has integrated and extended to overseas resources IDC China Telecom, China Telecom will not detail room we have to understand.

CITIC Pacific Data Center under the CITIC Telecom International (IT) Limited, the ultimate holding company of China CITIC Group, CITIC Telecom International CPC Internet data center to ensure the reliability of the customer, shall not keep the grid power indefinitely run directly to each server uninterruptible power supply of the highest standard, including advanced air conditioning and strict physical security systems. With its data center exports of high-speed Internet access CITIC, to provide customers with high-quality network services.

Tencent cloud introduction

Tencent cloud Is Tencent company tries their best to build the oriented public cloud computing platform for the majority of businesses and individuals; provide cloud servers, database of cloud, cloud storage and CDN based cloud computing services, and provide other games, video, mobile application industry solutions.

Tencent cloud has a deep infrastructure, and has many years of experience in massive Internet services, whether it is social, games or other areas, there are many years of mature products to provide product service. Tencent to complete the important deployment of cloud services, cloud data, cloud operations and other integrated services for developers and businesses.
Including cloud servers, cloud storage, cloud database and elastic web engine cloud based services; Tencent analysis (MTA), Tencent push (pigeon) and other large data Tencent overall ability; and interconnected QQ, QQ space, cloudlet, micro community cloud links social system. These are Tencent cloud can provide the advantages of the differentiation of the industry, creating a high quality Tencent cloud technology platform to support a variety of Internet use scenarios.

Industry solutions
Game cloud
The game cloud services cover the entire life cycle, from the construction of infrastructure, to the rapid release of the game, and then to the game fine operations, until the promotion of revenue, Tencent cloud cover. The industry’s leading BGP network, nodes all over the country CDN, stable and efficient cloud server and cloud database and professional security services, build a stable operation of the game, the game operation and maintenance platform, to create a real automation, visualization, standardization game operation and maintenance; relying on the powerful channel capacity, power boost your game business.
Video cloud
For online education, new media, OTT service providers, security monitoring and other industries to customize the most professional video technology architecture and optimization services, the entire program covers cloud on demand, audio and video communications, cloud seeding and security monitoring and other vertical solutions. Use of Tencent CDN network with a large group of large transcoding, so that you can improve the ability to live on demand, professional live technology to protect the quality and speed of large-scale live, so that your video safe storage, smooth back to see.
Mobile cloud
Mobile solutions focus on mobile development, providing fast access to mobile applications, the use of a full range of types of back-end services for mobile developers to fully focus on the APP itself, is the preferred Venture Company.
Jin Rongyun
Provide funds, loans, securities, insurance, banking and other business solutions for you: you can be in a special room for financial compliance, the implementation of the high availability and disaster recovery services architecture and in accordance with the needs of the business and docking of the third-party platform and high profile, high expansion of the cloud server, real-time processing and data backup of the financial level cloud database, customized DDoS attack prevention and cooperative defense programs, more Tencent expert personal service, escort for your business.

Cloud hosting, China cloud hosting, cloud hosting Hongkong on Gainaer.com

Gainaer.com cloud hosting with reference to the development of cloud hosting, cloud computing architecture, a handful of domestic. Using distributed storage, each cloud host’s data retention of 4 copies, real-time storage in a cluster of several servers, even while damage to 3 copies of data, it does not affect the normal use of the cloud host! Support thermal migration, system reliability of more than 99.95%. With 10 years host products operating experience, tries their best to build high reliability, high IO, moderate prices, the most easy to use cloud hosting!


Name of the company: Gainaer member of (Shenzhen soduan Technology Co., Ltd.)
Company address: Guangdong Province Shenzhen city Longhua District cowshed before building B block 11 floor
Telephone: 400-990-6965, 0755-81751349
Enterprise email: 1217781793@qq.com
QQ:1328738894 QQ:1217781793


China Telecom: the average broadband speed is second after South Korea

Core tip: second in the world, you’re not wrong, I was not wrong, but after the news came out, online to the news with pictures is a shrimp with a line holding an egg, I did not understand the meaning, dear friends, you understand??
In this week, the opening of the China International Exhibition of information and communication, China Telecom playfully announced that the broadband users the average speed of the access network 17.5mbps.
People’s Posts and Telecommunications News reported that the Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai appeared in the telecommunications booth, the general manager of China Telecom Yang Jie stressed that to ensure that their broadband users average access speed is indeed reached 17.5Mbps, ranked second in the world.
Yang Jie also reported, China Telecom full speed all-optical network construction, 2015 to complete the transformation of the 80% areas of copper fiber. At present, four areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Sichuan optical network coverage has reached more than 90%, and plans to in 2016, the basic realization of the 100% optical network coverage.
It is reported that telecom in Sichuan built “all-optical networks,”, the province has achieved “lead the 1000m, the popularity of 100m, 20m start pattern of broadband optical fiber and optical network user average Internet bandwidth to 37.9Mbps, ranking first in the country.
During the visit to the China Tower, Ma Kai said, the state is ready to charge the task of the pile to the Chinese tower business.
In Ericsson booth, to see many of the 5G innovation results show, Ma Kai Ericsson China President Zhao Juntao said: you can seriously evaluate, at present China 5G research in a what kind of level, when heard Zhao Juntao said, China 5G research has been in line with the latest international standards, part of the leading trend, he held Zhao Juntao’s hand, said: “5G to big cooperation!”

Xi will reach a number of results of the United States and the United States to reach a consensus on the network security

Core tip: “Washington Post” said that the consensus on the issue of network security is a major issue in the relationship between the two countries a breakthrough. AFP said Xi Jinping reiterated the position on the South China Sea issue, stressed that the Chinese side will resolutely safeguard their own ideas. Xi Jinping stressed at the press conference, China unswervingly take the road of peaceful development.
Obama hosted a super power summit, 25, said Xi Jinping, in the title, Obama on Friday in the White House on the red carpet, a grand welcome Xi Jinping visit, the two countries are also seeking to ease the relationship. In order to emphasize the status of the white house guest China, airing 21 gun salute, and set up a state dinner, giving a full set of etiquette honor Xi jinping. The world’s two largest economies leaders inspected the guard of honour.
At the welcoming ceremony, Obama and Xi Jinping delivered a brief speech, followed by the two sides began formal talks. Obama said in his speech, Xi Jinping, chairman of the visit reflects the great people of our two countries and the history of friendship and cooperation, the United States welcomes China’s stable, prosperous, peaceful rise, because this allows us all to benefit”. “In the time of cooperation between our two countries, I think,” Obama said, “I know you also agree that we must be honest with our differences.” Xi Jinping said at the White House welcome ceremony, said the Sino US relations are standing at a new starting point. He called on the two sides to strengthen strategic mutual trust, respect for each other’s interests and concerns, cooperation and win-win. China and the United States to work together, can produce a plus a force greater than two. The development of Sino US relations under the new situation, we should keep moving, the flow. Reported that the Chinese and U.S. leaders have emphasized the benefits of closer cooperation.
AFP said the two sides issued a joint statement, the two countries will be committed to reducing emissions and a common vision – this century, the global economy to achieve a low carbon transition. As far as China is concerned, China has confirmed in a statement that China plans to establish a national carbon emissions trading system in 2017, covering power, steel, and cement industry. The United States stressed that its clean energy plan has been completed, which will make the U.S. power industry carbon emissions by 2030 to reduce by 32%. In addition, China will set aside $3100000000 to help developing countries cope with climate change. U.S. cable news network 25, said a year ago, Obama met with Xi Jinping in Beijing, a breakthrough on climate issues: China agreed to reduce carbon emissions after 2030. And this announcement will be another step in the two countries toward climate cooperation.
“China will take measures like the United States to combat air pollution”, CBS said on the 25th, Beijing plans in 2017 began implementation of the “cap and trade” system. Limiting greenhouse gas emissions, forcing the industry to buy emissions permits. Bloomberg said the United States and China are trying to show cooperation and enhance the image of the relationship, the Chinese side announced a series of climate change commitments, and this is one of the focus of Obama’s second term. 25 days of the climate agreement is the United States and the United States carbon emissions agreement last year, the United States will act as the two countries to act in concert, affecting the world’s evidence. In addition, the United States is still in the United States in China, monetary policy, monetary policy, the South China Sea disputes and human rights and other issues have complained, and the number one problem is the problem of network attack.
China and the United States on the issue of cyber espionage, Reuters said, after the joint press conference, Obama said, the United States and China have agreed to do not support for the purpose of economic interests of cyber crimes, the two governments are not carried out or supported by the network to steal intellectual property rights. Xi Jinping said that the two countries reached an important consensus on the fight against cyber crime, the two sides will strengthen cooperation and information sharing network crime investigation, national code of conduct to explore the network space.
“Washington Post” said that the consensus on the issue of network security is a major issue in the relationship between the two countries a breakthrough. AFP said Xi Jinping reiterated the position on the South China Sea issue, stressed that the Chinese side will resolutely safeguard their own ideas. Xi Jinping stressed at the press conference, China unswervingly take the road of peaceful development. Together with the United States, efforts to build a new power relations, the two sides do not conflict, not confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win, is the priority of China’s foreign policy.

What are Hongkong IDC?What are some of the IDC in Hongkong?How much is Hongkong IDC?

Server hosting, QQ1211569080 Tel:15989411352, the service hotline of the rack is directly IDC, non agent, please rest assured that cooperation, thank you!
Hongkong engine room is what? Which room service better? Hongkong greatly small room many, but the core of the main room only four, the rest are some small room or private room, in order to secure the safety of the site, I recommend you go to the brand room rented or hosting.
Hongkong has four large room:
1, the new world room
New World Telecommunications Ltd is one of the major telecom suppliers in Hongkong. New world telecommunications was established in 1995, and is a member of New World Development Co. By virtue of its excellent network of new generation, new world telecommunications operators from the traditional transformation into
For the new generation of IP and telecommunications service providers, committed to customers and business partners in Hongkong, Greater China and other regions, to provide a range of customer oriented, innovative and high quality integrated communications solutions, digital media and management services, such as broadband, IP phone, virtual private network, international, local and international voice services.
Room 2, PCCW
This can be said to be regarded as IDC in Hong Kong Kai UNITA division, PCCW in August 2000 by Pacific Century CyberWorks Limited (hereinafter referred to as PCCW) and Hong Kong Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Hong Kong Telecom, formerly known as “Hong Kong telephone company) merged.
PCCW with its award reputation and innovative services, especially IP business services, the new generation of solid net service, broadband pay TV and the Internet, media content, large information technology solutions, mobile and wireless communications services, to further enhance Hong Kong’s image as the excellence in science and technology and business center.
3, and remember the engine room
And Hongkong Holdings Limited, in May 8, 2009, from and to the Telecommunications International in order to introduce the form of the spin off listing, and take over and write down the Telecommunications International Hongkong and Macao business. Engaged in Hongkong and Macao in order to obtain a license to use the “3” brand to operate GSM dual band and 3G mobile telecommunications services, as well as in Hongkong in order to obtain a license to use the “HGC” brand in Hong
Hong Kong to provide fixed line telecommunications services. Is a subsidiary of Whampoa .
Nine, 4 warehouse room
Wharf communications with advanced fibre optic network become Hong Kong’s second largest commercial fixed line operator, also is Hong Kong’s first and only provide a comprehensive it and communications technology service provider, dedicated customer service business.
These four operators in Hongkong is a large number of IDC operators, and they have their own advantages, for example: and remember the network for the European region, the speed is very fast; the new world’s users are mainly for domestic retail, and they do everything, so the new defense is better, running the mainland China is also faster than
Faster, while the nine warehouse and NTT bandwidth of the Chinese mainland is also can be. So the user can choose according to their own conditions Hongkong server rental or Hongkong server hosting.
Hongkong room service?
One, close service commitment:
1, high standard room equipment environment;
2, rich quality of bandwidth resources;
3, network security system to protect server security;
4, professional system implementation status and traffic monitoring;
5, server system security check and provide solutions;
6, with fixed IP address;
7, network connectivity and power supply rate reached 99.9%.
Two, network support services
7, 1 x 24 hours consulting response, technical solutions services;
2, routing optimization service;
3, assist in troubleshooting services;
4, emergency response (such as: network attacks, etc.) services.
Four, engine room service
1, convenient and thoughtful reception service;
7, 2 x 24 hours on-site technical support and authorized operation service;
3, operating system and application software installation, commissioning and other routine maintenance services;
4, server running status monitoring and emergency notification service.

Ali cloud introduction

Ali cloud computing Co., Ltd. was established in September 10, 2009, in Hangzhou, Beijing and Silicon Valley and other places with R & D center and operating mechanism. Ali cloud goal is to create a global leader in cloud computing services platform.
In the future of the Internet, cloud computing will become a kind of at any time, anywhere, and according to the need to provide public services. Efficient green data centers and large scale distributed storage and computing which can support different Internet applications is the most basic core technology of the next generation of Internet service platform.
Ali cloud is committed to creating a public, open cloud computing services platform. We will use the technology innovation, and constantly improve the computing power and scale efficiency, the cloud computing into a real sense of public service.